Oct 16, 2009

Something A La Mode

Being here and all, I feel like listening "Paris Makes Me Feel Like Dancing"
but u know what else makes me feel like dancing?
this incredible girl I am dying to see, but I'll have to wait until Nov 30 for that...
(Im using all the good vibes she gives me <333>
so u should feel special)
Something A La Mode is pure pleasure,
they are first Electro-String duo i see around here...
un poco de clase y estilo barroco con el distorcionado sonido
de algun buen synth, y beats ke hacen mover la cabeza sobre el cuello.
Theese are classical musicians playing in the club scene
nicy huh!!?
imagine that? cant wait to see em performing live
check out their profile here
Theese are tracks I like
Put em on ur ipod... you'll look even cooler when u show it to ur friends

"These Children
Learn From Cigarette Burns...
Fast Cars...
Fast Women...
And Cheap Drinks... "