Oct 24, 2009

Boys Noize, Dj Mehdi @ Bataclan

Ssup! :]
well I just checked out
Boize Noize's - POWER
Album Release party @ Bataclan
it was BOMB!
Mehdi is chingonsisimo!!...
sick ass mixes!!
hehe people think im cool
because i come all the way from Mexico...
nd they thought I had body guards, (which I dont need cause Im very strong of course)
Point is...

it was very cool
si seƱor... representing ;]
Check out last night's clips:

Nd because very cute little tortilla chip with salsa picante pace ♥
has been making my days lately... so OH!.... :] I will leave you this:

Boys Noize - POWER (Album)

Track listing
1."Gax" (4:37)
2."Kontact Me" (4:23)
3."Starter" (3:43)
4."Jeffer" (3:47)
5."Transmission" (6:12)
6."Nerve" (5:07)
7."Trooper" (5:43)
8."Drummer" (5:19)
9."Sweet Light" (5:16)
10."Rozz Box" (6:00)
11."Nott" (5:16)
12."Heart Attack" (4:32)

( i luv "jeffer" :]]] )

Annnnd this too!! xd

Dj Mehdi - Black, Black & Black (Album)

Track listing:
1. Bless
2. BUSTA RHYMES ‘World Go Round’ Remix
3. GHOSTFACE KILLA ‘ Hey Hey’ Remix
4. UFFIE ‘Pop the Glock’ Edit
5. CROOKERS/KID CUDI ‘Embrace The Martian’ Remix Demo
6. MAPEI ‘Leader Of The Pack’
7. MIIKE SNOW ‘Burial’ Remix
8. NOTORIOUS B.I.G ‘Nasty Boy’ Le Cirque Mix
9. JUST JACK ‘Glory Days’ TV Track
10. BUMBLEBEEZ ‘Drop The Bomb’ Ed Rec Allstars Mix
11. MAPEI/SPANK ROCK ‘Public Enemy’
12. JAY-Z ‘I Will Not Lose’
13. NAS ‘Have Fun’
14. Peace

This album was an underground blackmarket release, it has all the tracks that couldn't make it in the official CD's because of one thing or another... therefore its name "Black, Black & Black"
(FUDGE! track #4 tiene mucha onda... reminds me ♥

a little Xtra thingy!

- Dj Mehdi - Pocket Piano (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix).mp3

- Uffie - first love.mp3



"These Children
Learn From Cigarette Burns...
Fast Cars...
Fast Women...
And Cheap Drinks... "