Apr 14, 2011

Jamaica - No Problem (2010)

You´ve done it again Leah...

Hello mateys, its been a while I know... but heres a pretty awesome band I want you to listen to.
This friend of mine (we like to call her "Bitch-Leah") posted something about them on FB and I happened to saw the link.
Working with Daft Punk´s audio engineer...
Their name: Jamaica ...
Their Producer: Xavier de Rosnay (Justice)
Their release album: No Problem ... released in 2010.
My head: goes BAM !!

Very tight and dirty beats, and sweet silences (im more into silences)
cross the fader is perfectly sliced in crisp 145 Bpm.

Trust me people this band is on the edge... barely street legal... whatever.
They fucking rock !!... insanely !!... I swear !!

Track List
  • 1. Cross The Fader
  • 2. I Think I Like U 2
  • 3. Short And Entertaining
  • 4. Secrets
  • 5. Jericho
  • 6. Gentleman
  • 7. Outsider, The
  • 8. By The Numbers
  • 9. Junior
  • 10. She's Gonna
  • 11. When Do You Wanna Stop Working

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"These Children
Learn From Cigarette Burns...
Fast Cars...
Fast Women...
And Cheap Drinks... "