Oct 2, 2010

Exa-venturas en la Radio!

Hello, como estan de nuevo?
yo, pues aqui escribiendo de nuevo en MeLikey, no le hemos podido dedicar mas tiempo (same excuse... uh huh...)
pero parece que mi vida se torna un tanto dificil,
y no puedo canalizar energias al blog. (sorry)

El otro dia hablaba con una amiga (escritora de HelloNasty),
y me comento que habia mirado unas fotos en FB,
que seria cool meterle al blog un toque personal.
pues Leah... tienes toda la fakkin razon!


here's a quick intro, if you don't know what I mean, chilly bean.
(sorry for the Spanish-English thing, I tend to do that :/ ... )

I study Communication, and Telemedia production.
Last year, I started looking for an internship (yes I'm still in college, community college haha)
and I wanted radio straight from the beginning.
so I did a semester with Clear Channel and then I got hired at MVS Radio,
from that point on I've been super extra busy working H A R D
It is the best job no one could ever get... ever!

There's a lot going on working behind the scenes.
with this said... I present you: las "Exa-venturas en la radio!" :]


Exa Party de Gala 2010

In Exa 91.7 fm,Exa Party de Gala is an event we do each year.
It is one of our biggest events.
Here's ow it works,
we give out FREE tickets to our listeners.
we go on a huge yatch (Inspiration Hornblower)
and throw out a concert-party! (isn't that awwsome?)
this year Belinda joined us, and we had a special presentation from Brazil,

Anyway, as you all well know...
Free concerts are overbooked, to ensure maximum capacity.
so can you imagine people who couldn't get in?
I mean, they are waiting in line for hours, all dressed up, and not everyone can get in.
so if you plan to come next year, you better arrive early.

After the concert, all the pissed off people started writing tons of *&^%$#@# (you haters!, IT WAS FREE, stop whining, geezzz)
so here we are deleting all the "fucks" and "shits" around our exafacebook and twitter
(there should be a filtering option, where people's comments on certain walls could be filtered out by only letting the ones without curses in)
we are sorry not everyone could get in, but the ones that got in could get a glimpse of this:

fans that came from all over Baja, SD and LA had a chance to see their favorite artist in a very cool & intimate concert
(that makes us very happy)
The event was a total hit!
you should've seen the girls from Brazil ♥.♥


My time is running out, but we still have more to come.

(meanwhile I need to go and grab something to eat n_n)

"These Children
Learn From Cigarette Burns...
Fast Cars...
Fast Women...
And Cheap Drinks... "