Feb 26, 2010

More Electro for 2010 =]

so... 2010...
Im happy because it seems I got my job back in exa after I got back here from Paris...

(so cool with the crisis, people loosing their jobs nd all huh!?)
I just had to share it with someone xP
with that said...

Guess what...
I still have the need to STOP & GO w/ Electro ♥ >.< . . .

3OH!3 feat Lil Jon - Hey (Prod. by Dr.Luke).mp3
super cool combination, badass lil john and 30h!3 "yeiah!" >.<

Lil Jon - Give It All You Got (Danger Beach remix).mp3 ♥♥♥
this song totally kicks ass!!... very 80's electro-funk... my trauma for this week

- Drake - Forever (Steve Aoki Remix).mp3
what can I say, its our friend stevey.... aoki man... yesh!!...
(i feel like jumping in tightywhiteys)

- Ke$ha feat. 3OH!3 - Blah Blah Blah.mp3
I like her cause she's sooo Uffie... nd she turns me on... yumm

- The Killers - Somebody Told Me (Redial Goes Oldschool Remix).mp3
Not a big killers fan :/... but I like this trashy-clean-noisy-hard sound :]

- Trash Yourself & The Toxic Avenger - Song 2.mp3
I loved Blur in the 90's, so this remake is BOMB!! oh yeah... "Woooohooooo"


(read this with british accent...)
"...and here it is mate.... a cool set you can use at a beer partey!!" haha

Electro hip hop mix 2010 - (MeLikeySoMunch.blogspot.com) - .mp3 (Zippy)


"How'bout that" LOL... ;]

"These Children
Learn From Cigarette Burns...
Fast Cars...
Fast Women...
And Cheap Drinks... "